Cactus Baseball - Mike Donati

Cactus Baseball

By Mike Donati

  • Release Date: 2013-03-13
  • Genre: Romans et littérature


I live in Europe, in France. Here we are play soccer, is usual and easy. In june we play tennis like The Roland Garros Paris tennis compétition. But in eighties, something new arrived. The space shuttle, the Rubikk's cube and my friends and me discover news sports like US football and baseball! What this sport with clothes without reclam marked ! The bat in wood, the gloves in leather is very différent to soccer! We try to play, we get bats, balls and created baseball club! Cool, but the begin are hard and very funny. This is why i created "CACTUS". This comics personnage exprim this new sport for me, and europpean vision of the diamonds!