The Face of Mars - Mike Donati

The Face of Mars

By Mike Donati

  • Release Date: 2017-08-19
  • Genre: Romans graphiques


Ricochet team arrive on Mars planet after ear the saying of Europe Oracle. The Red Planet is still aggressive for space travelers, and Shuttle Ricochet is not excluded. Above the Canyon Vallés Marineris, 10 km deep, two strange ships approach the back of the shuttle. The Horlogkes have found the trace of Selfi and these acolytes on Mars! A battle in the sky Martien then engages...23 pages in color.
Thomas and Selfi discover Mars with Professor Mc olley, present on the planet. With Curiosity, the Martian rover of the N.A.S.A. Launched on the planet in 2012, Selfi discovers that the red planet has been terraformed to adapt to human life. It is at this moment that the discovery of the Martians is done! The Martians, a small few people live in strange underground pits and move with the Martian wind, in small tornadoes! But suddenly, a giant ship of the Horlogkes armada approaches the base of Professor Mc olley ...